B&W 600 Series

B&W 600 Series

Iconic in many ways the 600 series of B&W Loudspeakers has been the company’s product range that has delivered incredible performance for value since 1995 and the most current line-up is no exception.

Drawing on B&W’s 800 series iconic for being at the forefront of Audio & Movie Studio editing since the 70’s, the new 600 series borrows many of these new technology’s and delivers them in a stunning modern loudspeaker which not only looks good but sounds incredible and won’t cost you the earth.

I had the privilege of attending the New Zealand Release for the new line-up and to be honest I was completely blown away by the sound quality of the new line up which includes the 603 (a 3Way Floor standing Loudspeaker), the 606 (a larger 2 Way Bookshelf Monitor), the 607 (a Smaller 2 Way Bookshelf Monitor) and the compact HTM6 Centre Speaker for Home Theatre Systems. The new line up is a quantum step up from the previous range in part to the use of the new Continuum Drivers & repositioned Tweeters which allow the speaker to open up and breath. Turn the volume up on any of the monitors and they remained controlled, warm and inviting. International reviews are raving about the new line up which we personally believe has the ability to rival many speakers at twice the retail price and the sales back this up.

With a return to quality audio becoming fashionable and putting ‘function’ on show in a tasteful way the new 600 series is a must look at for your new home, renovation or existing loudspeaker upgrade.

We look forward to showing these incredible speakers to you.

Ben Bagley